Run For Light 2016

Run for Light 2016

  • National & International sports personalities promoting this event.
  • Celebrities will be cheers this event.
  • Supported by Political personalities which is a big boost to event.
  • Social Activists are also participating to show their gratitude towards sports.
  • Sponsors and business groups are the key factors for successful event.
    Participants above 18 years are the real heroes of the event.

The “PARIVARTHANUM” trust is an organization based out of Jayanagar Bengaluru, the trust was formed to promote sports as an empowering catalyst to the economically challenged and to people with disabilities so that people can empower themselves through the medium of sports.  The Trust also throws much needed light on the Paralympics the Trust is also the torch bearer for promoting and developing sporting facilities for field and track events, and other sports in the heart of Jayanagar, Bengaluru.

Phoenix Track and Field and the “PARIVARTHANUM” have joined Hands to conceptualize and organize a 10 Kilometers Run called the “Run for Light” on 23rd October 2016.

Why is the initiative?

  • Creating awareness about the positive of sports to people.
  • Creating awareness and empowering the differently abled and encourage them to perceive sports as a career.
  • Inspire people with disabilities to use the power of Sports to empower themselves
  • Inspire people with disabilities to play competitive Sports and providing them with the facility to perceive sports and sports aspirations.
  • Make sports available for all this includes the middle class, the cream of the crowd and the economically challenged.
  • Promoting fitness and healthy lifestyle to everyone.
  • Promoting bonding time for parents through our parent, child run.
  • Anti-drug and substance abuse awareness among the youth.
  • Promoting anti- tobacco awareness to the youth.

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